This game has a very simple concept: use a ball to break all the blocks and win the level. However, when you actually play the game it's much harder than it seems. There are three levels to beat the game, including two and three-hit blocks which must be hit two or three time respectively to be destroyed. The game has a hero theme to it and I found/made all the graphics for the game myself.

While making this game I learned many important Unity skills. For example, I learned more about transform.position and how to control object placement in a scene through code. Another skill I learned was how to make triggers by creating a trigger that when to the lose scene after a person has lost a level and colliders when the ball comes in contact with both the paddle and the bricks. I also learned how to add velocity to objects, create and change hit sprites, create sprite sheets as well as other skills. I also used the skills I learned from class escape to create scenes so you can replay the level without restarting from the beginning.

I hope continue using the skills I've learned to help me create future games. Learning how to control object movement from scripts is a skill that I know I'll use extensively in my later games. As of now I still want to change the music, and add sound effects and lives.

Made withUnity


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