Number Wizard is a simple game where the player guesses a number between 1 and 1,000 which the computer (aka the Number Wizard) tries to guess. If the Number Wizard isn't able to guess the number in seven guesses, the player wins. If it is able to guess the number then the Number Wizard wins. This game differs from my first game, Class Escape, in that this game includes multiple scenes.

One of the major components of this game is the buttons. First, I started with text based buttons and later to transitioned to image based buttons. I learned how to connect the buttons to scripts to make them change scenes and change the guess number. I also learned how to chose a random number rather than a set number in code. From what I learned making Class Escape, I was able to add titles and other text to the canvas as well as add a background image.

From making this game, I was also able to put the skills I learned from graphic design to use when creating a background and button images. These skills will be useful when I make future games and will allow me to build on my skills to make more complex and professional games.

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