Class Escape is a text based, adventure game in which you have been sent back to the third grade and you must now escape the school. It is based off the "Text 101" game in the Udemy course "Learn to Make Games by Writing Code." Each screen prompts 1 to 3 choices; you press the letter of your choice and the game moves to the next screen.

While making this game, I was able to refresh many of my Unity skills as well as learn many new skills. For instance, I learned how to use a canvas to display text and images and how to use code to change this text. While writing my code, I learned how to use methods to organize my code in a more helpful way. I also refreshed my Audacity skills by editing music that I later put into my Unity game.

Other Skills I Learned
  • how to create game objects and add them to the scene
  • how to add audio to a scene and loop it throughout the game
  • how to call different methods

The concepts I learned in the game helped me later on to make my Number Wizard game. Overall, this project helped me learn how to get user input, use this input to call a certain method, and cause a change in the game as a response. I will continue to use these skills and build on them as a continues to make more complex games.

Published Oct 24, 2016
Made withUnity
TagsText based


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Great work and a solid reflection! You have several grammatical issues in the text of the game which hold this one back just a little bit. Keep up the good work!