(Arrow mode: left and right arrows to move, space to shot)

The mission of Total Takeover is simple: shot down all the ships and take over the galaxy. The game starts with you, a small ship, who is attacked by a formation of enemy ships. You must avoid enemy fire while returning fire of your own.The game is played until you lose and your score is displayed.

Throughout the process of making this game, I learned how to use a particle system to create the stars in the background and instantiate game objects using a script. I also learned how to use layers to control collisions and how to call variables from other scripts. The use of prefabs also assisted me in making the game much faster and more consistent.

Learning how to better control the aspects of my game through script by making this game will help me to make better features in my later games and even add more features to my current game. By using the skills that I've been building on from my previous games, I'm able to work more independently and create more original features than I was before. I look forward to using these skills to create my own games in the future.

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